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Daily Routine Activities

Our daily routine is carried out in each level, with different aims according to the level, looking forward to developing all their strengths to the utmost.

This routine has:

•  Personal Work: Every day, they work with their folders and using an individual calendar; they also choose a great range of activities, developing different aspects of their learning process.

•  Changeable Activities: Each activity concerns pedagogic units that we will develop during the semester.

•  Workshop, House, Building and Story time Areas: Every day, children can go to areas and choose which one they prefer. Besides, children find different types of materials, allowing them to create, to innovate and experiment with their imagination. The teacher's role is to guide them through the experimenting processes and act as a mediator.

•  Computer and Video Laboratory: We carry out different activities using software and videos for children, allowing meaningfully a second language acquisition and also raising them as an efficient means in giving English language sentences.

•  Library: We have a library where our children develop their interest in reading with interactive books and means, creating, strengthening and increasing their vocabulary, discovering new words and sounds.

•  Gym: Our program takes into consideration the development of physical skills and interest in sports through amusing games that reinforce motor skills, coordination and balance, as well as the teamwork and the incorporation of basic rules.

•  Educative Visits: As a manner of enriching our work and, at the same time, favoring the apprenticeship using all their senses interacting with the reality, we organize different visits and long walks. Our program takes into account as follows: Firemen Companies, Policemen Stations, Stadiums, Supermarkets, Parks, Theatres and Museums, among others.